Plasma Technology  

OPT application lab:
100 µm deep etch at 18 µm/ min
over a 200 mm wafer with 1% open area
selectivity to PR 165 : 1

OPT application lab:
40 µm deep etch with
aspect ratio 70 : 1

High Aspect Ratio Si Etching (Bosch Process for MEMS)

Reactive Ion Etching
Inductive Coupled Plasma Source
room temperature “Bosch” process
He backside cooling (mechanical or e chuck)

Rate : up to 20 µm/ min depending on the aspect ratio
very unifrom etch over up to 200 mm wafer
anisotropic etch
aspect ratio up to 70 : 1
controllable wall profile
high selectivity to Resist (> 75:1, here 165 : 1))


Deep Si Etch (70 µm) with excellent wall profile control:
positive slope for different aspect ratios


180 µm deep, 15 µm wide vias at
1.94 µm/ min, selectivity to SiO2 130:1


60 µm deep, 3 µm wide at 2.47 µm/min,
selectivity to resist 48:1


System 100Cluster
with ICP Souces and Cassette

ICP layout

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