Plasma Technology  

OPT application lab:
80 µm deep via hole etch
(> 1 µm/ min, Ni mask)
patented OPT electrostatic chuck
available (recommended)

GaN etched in a "soft landing step"
very smooth surface by low damage etching



The system is able to etch much higher
vertical aspect ratios:
227 µm deep, 35 µm wide
aspect ratio 6.5

PlasmaPro 100
with loadlock and ICP source


Reactive Ion Etching
with ICP source

SiC Via Hole ICP Etching

OPT application lab:
10 µm deep etch at > 83° wall angle
> 0.3 µm/ min etch rate
selectivity to SU8 > 0.5 : 1
no trenching

OPT application lab:
3 µm deep, isotropic SiC etch


PlasmaPro 80
PlasmaPro 100

Reactive Ion Etching
with ICP Source (13 or 2 MHz)
Inductive Coupled Plasma
RF driven substrate electrode
substrate temperature control
Fluorine based process


SiC backside thinning works from
2 µm/ min for single wafers up to
0.35 µm/ min for large batches (12 3" wafer)

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