Plasma Technology  

lenses etched into Si

248 µm diamter lenses
etched into Si

RIE technology

Plasmalab 80 Plus

RIE : 248 µm diameter Si lenses

Dr Eisner uses his Plasmalab RIE 80
System for Fluorine RIE processes as Si
or SiO2 etching. For the lens etch process
the lens must first be created in
Photoresist and is then transferred by
anisotropic RIE into Si.

Coupling light into a monomode fiber
at a wavelength of 1318 nm

with kind permission of:
  University of Erlangen
  Institut fuer Angewandte Optik
  Dr Eisner

array of lenses etched into Si/ 5 kB


Si Lens Etching

The SEM's shows 248 µm diameter lenses.

rate: 50 - 250 nm/ min

selectivity to PR: 0.8 - 3 : 1

Uniformity  < ± 2  % (100 mm Si wafer)

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