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Hr Castricher uses his Plasmalab 800 Plus DP system for depositing SiN films with low tensile stress and low KOH etch rate. It forms a free standing membrane after a wet etch step in KOH (for etching the bulk Si).

The Plasmalab 800 Plus can deposit batches of up to twelve 100 mm wafers per run.

with kind permission of:
  IMO Wetzlar
  Hr Castricher, Dr Schultheiss


PECVD schematic/ 9 kB

Plasmalab 800 Plus loaded with wafers/ 12 kB
Low Stress SiN films for free standing membranes

conformal SiN PECVD/ 10 kB


  • conformal deposition

  • low KOH and BHF wet etch rates

  • stress fully controllable by frequency mixing

  • low pinhole density

  • excellent uniformity over full batches
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