Plasma Technology  

change of IR- transmission after exposure to air
Shown is the difference to the spectrum of the as-deposited film.
For clarity, the curves were shifted by a values of 5 % of transmission.


Plasmalab 80 Plus

Low Temperature SiN PECVD for lift off technology

SiN PECVD at 80° C suitable for lift off processes
application: antireflective coating for IR sensor arrays
(on LiTaO3 IR sensors with NiCr electrode)
films suitable for transparent VIS/ NIR/ MIR - range optical coatings

deposition rate 10 - 20 nm / min
very good uniformity
no post oxidation during 1 year (see figure)


with kind permission
Dr. G. Suchaneck
Dresden University of Technology
Institute for Solid State Electronics

spectral dependence of the absorption coefficient
deposited at a substrate temperature of 80° C

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