Plasma Technology  



Plasmalab 80 Plus

Si3N4 PECVD and RIE on platinized silicon pyramides

deposition rate: 10 - 20 nm/ min
etch rate: 30 - 80 nm/ min
uniformity < +/- 2 % (4" wafer)

Array of 20 x 20 pyramides with a lateral spacing of 50 µm and 25 µm in height
Fabrication in Si with anisotropic etching techniques. Pyramides are covered with a Pt film as electrode material and PECVD Si3N4 as a passivation layer. The microelectrodes are openend with an anisotropic RIE process using a photoresist mask.

PECVD and RIE at OPT application lab (UK)
device fabrication at the MST group of the
ICB research institute Muenster
SEM pictures taken at the University of Muenster

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Reactive Ion Etching

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