Plasma Technology  

with kind permission of Sensitec Wetzlar:
conformal deposition of 1 Ám SiN over a 1.5 Ám step

Plasmalab 800 Plus
large batch system

PECVD technology

Stress controlled SiN PECVD

OPT application lab:
stress vs kHz/ MHz pulse time for SiN and SiON

Sensitech uses itsPlasmalab 800 Plus DP system for depositing SiN films with low tensile stress and low KOH etch rate. It forms a free standing membrane after a wet etch step in KOH (for etching the bulk Si)


with kind permission of:
  Sensitech (IMO) Wetzlar
  Hr Castricher, Dr Schultheiss


conformal deposition

uniformity   ▒ 2 - 4  % over one full batch

deposition rate 10 - 15 nm/min, max 100 nm/ min

refractive Index typically 2.0,
but fully controllable 1.8 - 2.5

film stress fully controllable: -1 GPa to +0.5 GPa

BHF (5:1) Etch Rate < 30 nm/min
KOH Etch Rate < 0.5 nm/ min

pinhole/particle Density < 0.1 / cm2

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