Plasma Technology  


An array of inverted silicon nanocones (SiNC)
fabricated by cryogenic reactive ion etching (ICP)
and polystyrene nanosphere lithography

Increased light absorption
of the RIE patterned silicon thin film

with kind permission of the
Max Planck Institut für die Physik des Lichts
in Erlangen, Christiansen research group

Si Nanowires etched by the Cryo ICP process
and coated with 25 nm Pt by remote plasma ALD


image with pronounced material contrast
between polystyrole spheres and silicon nanowires

Si Nanowires etched by the cryo process
in the PlasmaPro 100 ICP etcher
coated with 150 nm AZO (Al doped ZnO)
in the FLexAL ALD system

Cross section of AZO-coated silicon nanowires


Si Nanocones and Si Nanorods etched by cryo ICP


dual chamber system:
ICP etching of Si NC and Si NW
Pt and Al:ZnO growth - ALD

OPT offers a variety of square and hexagonal cluster system
with modules for:
Dry Etching
Plasma Deposition
Nanowire Growth
Atomic Layer Deposition
Ion Beam Processing
Magnetron Sputtering

ICP schematic

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