Plasma Technology  

with ICP Source (2 or 13 MHz)
Inductive Coupled Plasma
RF driven substrate electrode

deposition temperature: 20 - 100 °C
low pressure (< 10 mtorr) for best electrical quality
NH3 free process

rate: 5 - 100 nm/min
good uniformity over up to 6 wafer
breakdown voltage > 4 MV/ cm
The refractive index can be adjusted
from 1.77 to 2.54.
stress: < 100 MPa
variable from 25 MPa compressive to
25 MPa tensile (without bias) for membranes
no N-H bond absorption peaks found in
infrared transmission spectra


ICP Plasma Deposition (PECVD) of SiN, Si3N4

               Plasmalab System 100 with ICP380


ICP Source Design: ESS
All OPT ICP and RF sources are designed
with an “electrostatic shield” (ESS) to
ensure a purely inductive plasma coupling
without a capacitive component.
Therefore contamination by “wall sputtering”
and ion induced substrate damage is excluded.

Source to Substrate distance
This distance can be varied over a wide
range for optimal process control.

OPT application lab:
rate in A/ min (LHS) and
refractive index (RHS)
vs deposition temperature (°C)

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