Plasma Technology  


300 nm SiO2 deposited 
over a 500 nm 90░ step

Process Chemistry : SiH4, N2O, N2 
Deposition Rate : 50 - 300 nm/min 
Refractive Index : typically 1.45-1.49 
Uniformity: < 3% deposition rate, 
                   <<1% refractive index 
Breakdown strength : > 8 MV/cm 
Film stress controllable: 0 to -0.5 GPa 
Pinhole / Particle Density: < 0.1 / cm2


1 Ám SiO2 deposited 
over a test structure


Plasmalab 80 Plus

Additionally, doped oxides (e.g. PSG, BSG, or BPSG)
 can be obtained by including phosphine or diborane 
in the gas mixture. This is useful for 'reflow'
applications in which excellent step coverage and/or
planarisation of surface topography is required. Doped
oxides also find applications in optical waveguides,
since the doping level provides accurate control over
film refractive index.


250 nm SiO2 deposited 
over 1 µm wide lines


Plasmalab System 133
(with vacuum loadlock)

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