SiO2 Etching



Fluor based process

etch rates: 10  -  300 nm/ min

selectivity to Si: 5 - 15 : 1

Mask: Photoresist

Shaped SiO2 via hole RIE

OPT Application lab:
2 µm deep via holes
wall angle for reliable metalisation

9 µm deep highly anisotropic etch profile

OPT Application lab:
9 µm deep anisotropic etch
photoresist mask removed


Fluor based process

etch rates: > 0.5 µm/ min

low bias process possible

Mask: Photoresist or metal

8 µm deep high rate anisotropic etch

OPT Application lab:
8 µm deep high rate waveguide etch

Lenses etched in Quarz

OPT Application lab:
30 µm diameter lens etched into
quartz at > 150 nm/ min


Ar through the RF source

CxFy through ring or RF source

etch rates: 30 nm/ min - 200 nm/ min

wall angle adjustable by tilt

Courtesy of Uni Jena:
250 nm deep SiO2 RIBE etch

SEM shows a 3.5 µm deep CAIBE etch

OPT Application lab:
3.5 µm deep etch
selectivity to polyimide: 2 : 1

5 µm deep RIBE of SiO2

Courtesy of Uni Jena:
5 µm deep anisotropic quartz RIBE

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