Plasma Technology  

OPT application lab:
2 µm deep via hole with shaped walls
for improved metalisation

Reactive Ion Etching

Plasmalab 800 Plus

SiO2 via hole ething

signal from optical emission:
endpoint detection integrated in
PC2000 software

OE requires sufficient open area
to get a sufficient signal.




Plasmalab 80 Plus
Plasmalab 800 Plus
Plasmalab System 133
Plasmalab System 100


Results: (Fluorine process)

Rate : ca. 25 - 100 nm/min*
Mask: Photoresist
Selectivity to PR mask: 3 - 10:1
Selectivity to Si: 8 - 20:1
Profil: controllable (30° - 90°)
Uniformity: +/- 3 %
*High rates require Helium cooling, if a PR mask is used.
Even higher rates are possible with hard masks.

OPT application lab:
1 µm deep etch, PR mask in place

OPT application lab:
1.5 µm deep, anisotropic etch

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