Plasma Technology  

Dr Fuchs uses his Ionfab 300 for ion beam etching
and deposition. The system is configured with
a filamentfree etch source and a 3 cm Kaufman
source for deposition.

The photo and graph show the Ionfab 300 Plus
with RF sources, which has replaced the
Ionfab 300 installed in Jena.

with kind permission of:
Uni Jena, Inst. fuer Angewandte Physik,
Dr J Fuchs


250 nm deep SiO2 RIBE etch


250 nm deep SiO2 RIBE etch

SiO2 RIBE: blazed gratings



Reactive Ion Beam Etching "RIBE"
Reactive gases are introduced into filamentless sources.

The etch process was performed with the substrate holder under an angle of 25° to the beam, no sample rotation.

Fluorine based process chemistry

Rate: > 50 nm/ min
Mask: 50 nm Cr (patterend by RIE)

The wall angle can be adjusted by varying the substrate holder angle with respect to the beam.


Ionfab 300 Plus

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