Plasma Technology  

OPT application lab:
transfer of lenses from photoresist into quartz

Reactive Ion Etching with ICP source

Plasmalab System 100
with loadlock and ICP180 source

SiO2 lenses by ICP - RIE

The lens is transferred from photoresist
into quartz by an anisotropic etch
process with selectivity 1 : 1.
The selectivity can be varied from 0.5 to 1.5.

Rate : > 200 nm/ min
Uniformity: <= +/- 5% (6")
smooth surface RA < 10 nm
selectivity to PR 0.5 - 1.5 controllable
minimum 1.000 µm total etch depth
before mechanical clean

Plasmalab 80 Plus
Plasmalab System 100/ 133

Reactive Ion Etching
Inductive Coupled Plasma Source
13.56 MHz Plasma Excitation
Fluor based Process
process for SiO2, quartz, silica
and some glasses

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