Plasma Technology  

RWTH Aachen use their Plasmalab System 100 Cluster for depositing very high quality SiO2 films as MOSFET gate oxid and surface passivation by a remote ICP source (OPT ICP65). The films have been optimised for very good step coverage and excellent electrical properties.
One important advantage of the remote PECVD in comparison to thermal SiO2 deposition is the fact, that no bulk Si is "consumed" for the deposition process.

with kind permission of:
  RWTH Aachen
  Institut fuer Halbleitertechnik II (Prof Kurz)
  Hr Stein, Dr Spangenberg

Remote PECVD at the RWTH Aachen:
Low temperature deposition of SiO2  with gate oxid quality

remote PECVD

ICP 65 source

Very high quality SiO2 remote PECVD


200 nm SiO2: conformal PECVD


75 nm SiO2 with excellent conformality

rate: 5 - 20 nm/ min


graph: breakdown voltage vs deposition temperature


very conformal coating


very low BHF wet etch rate


uniformity     4  %  (100 mm  wafer)


Breakthrough Voltage vs Deposition Temperature

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