Plasma Technology  

Dr Fuchs uses his Ionfab 300 for ion beam etching
and deposition. The system is configured with a
filamentfree 15 cm etch source and a 3 cm source
for deposition.

The photo and graph show the Ionfab 300 Plus
with RF sources, which has replaced the Ionfab 300
installed in Jena.

Process steps (with ion beam technology):
(a) Cr ion beam deposition
(b) ion beam etching of the Cr mask
(c) RIBE of quartz


with kind permission of:   Uni Jena
Inst. fuer Angewandte Physik
  Dr J Fuchs


1.6 Ķm deep etch (RIBE) into
quartz at 8: 1 aspect ratio

left: after Cr IBE

High Aspect Ratio Quartz RIBE (and Cr IBS)

IBE / RIBE / CAIBE technologies
(and ion beam deposition)

Ionfab 300 Plus (with vacuum loadlock)

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