Plasma Technology  

reflection spectrum of a Bragg mirror


Plasmalab 80 Plus

SiN/ SiO Distributed Bragg Reflectors by PECVD

Data taken at OPT application lab for EPFL Lausanne:
SiN PECVD: transmission vs wavelength
for different gas flow ratios
blue line: saphire substrate


High reflectiv distributed Bragg mirrors are of outmost importance
for many devices applied in optical networking. High selective
Fabry Perot filters or vertical cavity surface emitters require DBRs
with reflectivities higher than 99.7%. Additionaly a large stop band
is desired. SiN/SiO DBRs by PECVD, showing a large stop band
(>200nm) and high reflectivity have been fabricated.

deposition rates
10 - 20 nm / min for SiN
30 - 60 nm/ min for SiO
very good uniformity
good stress control

with kind permission
Dr.-Ing. J. Daleiden, Dr. C. Prott, Prof. H. Hillmer
Head of III/V-Technology
Institute of Microstructure Technology and Analytics
Uni Kassel

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