Plasma Technology  

OPT application lab:
SiO2-Si stack, side wall roughness / ripple < 6.7 nm

3µm SiO2-Si stack etch
PR/Ni masking, ~90° profile

with kind permission of
Uni Kassel, INA, Dr Messow

SiO /Si multilayer stack
after BHF treatment
The Cr mask has not been removed.

Smooth SiO2-Si stack ICP etching


He backside cooling
room temperature process
single step process


- F-based ICP chemistry
- rate > 200 nm/ min
- selectivity to Ni mask > 100:1
- Sidewall roughness / ripple < 7 nm
- uniformity < +/- 5%

ICP technology/ 6 kB

Reactive Ion Etching
with Inductive Coupled Plasma Source (ICP)

cluster with ICP sources/ 9 kB

Plasmalab System 100
with ICP380 sources


OPT application lab:
after 3µm stack etch, 22nm Ni mask remaining

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