Plasma Technology  

Rapid Thermal Annealing RTA
(third party supplied, added to cluster)

Si/ SiO2 MQW with 10 periods
4 nm Si quantum wells
3 nm SiO2 barriers as deposited

Plasmalab System 100
cluster :
ICP - PECVD (remote PECVD)
Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA)
(Etching with High Density Plasma Source)

Si/ SiO2 Multiple Quantum Wells by ICP remote PECVD

Remote PECVD SiO2:
Comparison with thermal SiO2

Oxid thickness 10nm
Deposition temperature 250° C, RTA: 1000° C, 30 sec N2
Ebd= 12 MV/cm, interfacetrapdensity Dit = 3-6x1010cm-2eV-1,
oxide charge density Q= 7x1010 cm-2

with kind permission
RWTH Aachen, Dr Spangenberg, Dipl.-Ing. Robert Roelver


ICP remote PECVD

same MQW
after 30 sec 1000° C RTA

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