Plasma Technology  

OPT application lab:
TEOS ICP PECVD in a 50 µm deep MEMS
device with 5 : 1 aspect ratio
top of the trench 45 % of the nominal thickness
middle 28 %, trench bottom 32 %
base of the trench 50 %

SiO2 by ICP PECVD is suitable for
the conformal coating of deep structures.

TEOS SiO2 ICP PECVD Deposition

The deposition work was carried out on a MEMS structure,
where 50 µm deep lines were etched by the gas chopping
("Bosch") process.


Process Chemistry : TEOS, O2, Ar
Deposition Rate : > 15 nm/min
low and controllable stress
Uniformity: < ± 5%




Plasmalab System 133
(with vacuum loadlock,
ICP source not shown)

The (blue) TEOS bubbler is attached to the side.

see the ALD bubbler for more details

tetraethoxysilane or tetraethyl orthosilicate

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