System 100 Pro

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dual chamber configuration:
F and Cl based RIE
center: square "transfer loadlock"


The System 100 Pro is a modular system series
based on the field proven single chamber
systems for:

- System 100 for dry etching:
   RIE and ICP - RIE

- System 100 for plasma deposition:

- FlexAL for Atomic Layer Deposition:
   ALD thermal and radical assisted

- System 400 for magnetron sputter deposition

- Ionfab 300 Plus for ion beam etching and depostion

- Nanofab for Si Nanowire, C Nanotube etc growth

hexagonal transfer station with
vacuum cassette
ICP dry etch module
ICP plasma deposition module


The System 100 Pro series is available in two versions:
as a system for max 200 mm wafers
(incl all listed technologies)

as a system for max 300 mm wafer
(based on the System 133 modules)
for dry etching and plasma deposition only

OPT ships cluster and cassette systems
since > 20 years !
The System 100 Pro for 200 mm has been
introduced on 2004, while the 300 mm verion
based on the System 133 modules is available
since 1996.

The systems are used as cassette tools for full
24 hour/ 7 days production operation and in
R & D with the small "transfer loadlock".

hexagonal transfer station with
two vacuum cassettes
PECVD module
ALD module


The System 100 Pro is designed as a full production
tool with a square or hexagonal transfer
station incl a high speed transfer arm and one
or two cassette stations.

For R & D use we offer the square "transfer loadlock".
Due to the very small volume it serves as a transfer
station as well as a vacuum loadlock.

A load/ unload station is avaiable for both versions.

Processes can easily be transfered from small
clusters or stand alone systems to full production tools.

dual chamber configuration:
center: square "transfer loadlock"


The System 100 Pro is "MESC" compatible !

This allows other suppliers or home made
process modules, which meet this SEMI standard,
to be added to our cluster.

OPT also adds its process modules to
other manufacturers (MESC compatible)
cluster systems.

cassette production tool
with square transfer station
and RIE, PECVD modules


A "load/ unload" station is available
for the System 100 Pro.
It is a lower cost alternative to a vacuum cassette.
For R & D is is often useful, if the system shall be
installed "thought the clean room wall".

dual chamber configuration:
magnetron sputtering module and RIE
center: square "transfer loadlock"


high speed transfer arm for
wafers and heavy substrates



dual chamber configuration:
ICP - PECVD and ion beam etching
center: square "transfer loadlock"

OPT offers a variety of clean room interfaces.


cassette ion beam production tool
with square transfer station