Plasmalab System 400

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system with shutter installed and
uniformity shield in place


max. four 200 mm diameter targets
or six 75 mm or 100 mm, five 125 mm

DC, pulsed DC and RF magentron

water cooled substrate holder

deposition in rotating or static mode

heated process chamber

easy access for cleaning from the top

PC control with software under Windows™

vacuum loadlock

Substrate Bias and PreEtch

8 x  3"-4" or  4 x 6" - 8" wafers/ batch

rotating shutter

uniformity shields

Plasmalab System 400 chamber/ 12 kB

system without uniformity shields
showing the liners



Plasmalab System 400 with loadlock/ 15 kB

system with vacuum locklock





substrate heating

separate PreEtch module

Vacuum Cassette optional

cathodes from 75 mm to 200 mm diameter


PC control