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  • typical process pressure: 1- 10 mtorr
  • plasma density: ca 5 x E11 / cm3
  • plasma in contact with the substrate
  • low energy ion current during deposition
  • Ion Current (Plasma Density) dependent on ICP power
  • ESS (electrostatic screen) for a purely inductive plasma

Typical Applications:

  • low temperature deposition for lift off technology
  • low temperature deposition of very high quality SiO2
  • low temperature deposition of polySi
ICP - PECVD scetch/ 5 kB

ICP was introduced in 1991- 1995 for plasma processing.

most important feature:
independent control of ion energy and ion current density

ICP is fully automatic (2 RF automatch units)

comparison: ICP vs the older ECR technology

  • lower (substrate) electrode grounded, RF driving opt.
  • substrate electrode cooled or heated
  • automatic height adjustment of the electrode opt.
  • gas inlet through source and through distribution ring
  • high conductance pipework
  • parameter: gas flows, pressure, source power, temperature