RIE Reactive Ion Etching

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  • typical process pressure: 5 - 150 mtorr
  • plasma density: ca 1 - 5 x 109 / cm2
  • standard method for most applications
  • RF ("self") bias forms at the substrate electrode
  • Ion Energy (~ RF bias) dependent on the
    RF power and process pressure
  • energy range process dependent: 30 eV - 1.000 eV
  • end point detection: optical emission, laser interferometry

RIE schematics/ 6 kB

Etch technologies have been developed for independent control of ion energies and ion current density (~ plasma density):

"ICP": RIE with Inductive Coupled Plasma Source

see also PE (Plasma Etching) for low energy isotropic etching

RIE system layout

  • lower (substrate) electrode RF driven
  • substrate electrode cooled
  • shower head gas inlet (in the top electrode)
  • parameter: gas flows, pressure, RF power